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NDR Therapeutic Riding provides a very safe, warm and organic environment. Our primary focus is to provide experiential learning to optimize outcomes.

Serving a purpose

Who We Serve

NDR provides equine-assisted activities for persons with disabilities/limitations ages 4 and up. Our mantra has been: “Not here by chance, but to serve a purpose." All of our programs are designed to serve a purpose for each participant. The foundation for all programs is that they are organic in nature and use experiential learning to help our participants set and achieve their personalized goals.

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Adults with mild dementia age 55+

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Adults and children with Intellectual Disability ages 4 and up

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Children and adults with Sensory Integration issues ages 4 and up

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Children and adults with orthopedic and neurological disorders 4 and up

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Those struggling with social interaction ages 4 and up

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Team Building for primary/secondary schools, colleges/universities and businesses ages 4 and up

Our Programs

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How we help

Equine-Assisted Activities - Adaptive Therapeutic Riding

NDR’s PATH certified instructors provide a safe environment where participants/riders can enjoy therapeutic adaptive horsemanship. It is a therapeutic exercise in mind and body that offers lesson plans sensitive to each participant/rider’s needs. NDR instructors develop participant/rider-oriented plans that improve riders balance, coordination, focus and muscle strength. These benefits, along with their improved self-confidence, will allow each participant/rider to work towards their individual adaptive riding goals. Typically, lessons are weekly and ½ hour in duration.

In addition to providing therapeutic adaptive riding group and individual lessons to Peppermint “Ridge Riders”, NDR has helped to improve the quality of the lives of participants from Casa Colina Hospital and Centers for Healthcare (Pomona, CA) with traumatic brain injury, stroke, spinal cord injury, etc… since 2016. NDR continues to provide therapeutic adaptive riding to children and adults ages 4+ with disabilities/limitations that are interested and meet the medical criteria to ride.


Caring for seniors

Horses In the Moment

Horses In the Moment was developed by WCU Occupational Therapy doctoral candidate, Charmaine Lim. It is a 9-week equine-assisted activities program for individuals with mild-moderate dementia. When paired with humans, horses react and reflect the “energy” of interactions and encourage human reaction to stay in the moment. This, “experiential learning”, promotes the use of daily life skills and can enhance the quality of life.

Horses In the Moment participants are guided through a series of equine-assisted activities with NDR horses such as: grooming, feeding, petting, walking and painting.

NDR participants/caregivers have reported several benefits of involvement in Horses In the Moment including improvements in: socialization, recall memory, focus, relaxation, laugher and feelings of empowerment.

image: horses in the moment
image: Group of interns with a horse at the NDR Halstead Arena

Our Intern team

NDR Internship Programs

In July 2018, NDR established an internship program for Occupational Therapy students at Level I-MSOT (Masters) and Level I-OTD (Doctoral) from West Coast University. Later that year, internships expanded to include Level I-OTA (Associate) students from Santa Ana College and Level I-MSOT students from Stanbridge University. In 2019, NDR provided internships for Level-I-OTA students from Stanbridge University.

NDR expanded the Internship Program in 2019 to include Bachelor level students studying PR/Communications from Azusa Pacific University and a Social Work student from La Sierra University.

To date, NDR’s Internship Program has provided community-based training for over 50 students! Many of our interns have come back to volunteer for events such as our Grand-Reopening, Norco Ranch Tour, the Arthritis Foundation Family Event and more.

Keely –Intern

MSOTS Stanbridge University

“Being at NDR has been a great experience. This site is very different from most sites, but it is very educational. I enjoyed seeing the horses and learning about equine assisted/therapeutic riding.”

Josselin Gonzalez –Intern

BSW, La Sierra University

“I have witnessed firsthand the strong connections participants built with the horses and staff members. All the staff members have the heart and passion to work with individuals with limitations.” 

Why are Equine-Assisted Activities and Adaptive Therapeutic Riding an answer to your needs?

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Improved quality of life

Equine-assisted activities promote the use of daily life-skills and can enhance quality of life through experiential learning and connection between horse and human.

Building trust with horses, instructors, and volunteers

Horses’ hoof beats often go unnoticed, but their imprint is significant. They help to build lasting connections with those they interact with.

Improved core muscle strength, balance, and mobility

Equine-assisted activities can help to increase the brain and body connection leading to improved balance, core muscle strength, and mobility.

Improved self-awareness and problem solving

The experiential learning aspects of all equine-assisted activities encourage “real-time” problem-solving and increased self-awareness.

Are you considering equine-assisted activities to help with your current challenges?

We care about our participants and individualize each lesson plan to reach the best results for them. Contact us to get started.

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