Meet Our Horses

Our horse partners are selected for their quiet, calm disposition, and willingness to adapt with each individual participant.  Each of our horse partners are special – their hoof beats often go unnoticed, but their imprint is significant.

Pinky and Norman

Why horses?

NDR Horses Are the Heart of Our Program

Research shows that individuals who participate in equine-assisted activities can experience physical, behavioral, cognitive, emotional, linguistic, sensory and social benefits. Observing, interacting, and working with horses not only engages individuals, but can also help them learn about themselves and their environment. Experiential learning has more carry over and gives ability to generalize the use of skills learned.

The horse’s movement is multidimensional which is variable, rhythmic, and repetitive. The horse’s gait mimics the natural movement of the human pelvis during walking. When a horse is asked to change direction, modulate speed and make gait transitions, riders are continually adjusting their position to accommodate the movements. These adjustments help to strengthen core muscles and posture. The positive effects of the horse’s movement on posture control, sensory systems, and motor planning, also benefit sensory integration, attention, fine and gross motor skills.

One does not have to ride to achieve benefits from equine-assisted activities. Interacting with the horse by learning to groom and exercise by leading the horse can be calming and relaxing. Touching, petting or even getting a hug can be the motivation for learning new skills, experience independence, and increasing confidence.

Benefits of Using Horses

Horses help participants to learn about themselves without judgement or bias. They are wonderful role models for surveying environmental clues in real-time, reacting appropriately, and recover quickly to a calm state.

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Horses are wonderfully adaptive for experiential learning

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Horses can help to build trust

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Horses are pros at reading and reacting to clues from their surroundings

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Horses act as a natural biofeedback machine during human interaction

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Horses can help to build lasting connections

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Horses can help to build self-awareness


Our Horse Partners

NDR Has a Team of Amazing Equine Partners

Our horse partners are selected for their quiet, calm disposition, willingness and ability to adapt with each individual participant.  Each of our horse partners are special and help to create a horse-human bond that cannot be mimicked any other way. NDR’s certified instructors work hard to train, exercise, and maintain the wellbeing of all of our horses so that they can help participants achieve optimal outcomes. In all of our programs our horses fit the bill and bring a unique experience to all participants involved.

Meet Our Amazing Horses

Our most valuable employees!


Meet Our Fabulous "Fabio"

Norman is a Haflinger gelding. He is smart, quiet, steady and very helpful in starting participant-rider in beginning lessons all the way through being an independent rider. Norman is a flashy gelding and loves to pose for photos. His mane is thick, long and beautiful, so much so, his nickname is “Fabio”.

Sponsor Norman

Norman's Sponsors


Meet NDR’s Princess

Holly is a Haflinger mare. A breed of short, sturdy horses originally from Austria and Italy that are held in high esteem for therapeutic riding. Holly (also given the nickname “Princess”) is calm and sweet. She has a way to nuzzle students that encourages the learning experience.

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Holly's Sponsors


Meet Fiona, the “Apple of Our Eye”!

Fiona is a Haflinger mare. Fiona is nosy, interested to participate and wants to please. Fiona pulled an apple cart in her past. Fiona looks forward to eating her food and treats.

Sponsor Fiona

Fiona's Sponsors

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Chipshot aka Louie

Meet World Champion Chipshot

Louie is a world champion Appaloosa. He is enjoying his retirement from showing working with our clients. Louie is great at teaching riders new concepts. Louie is loaned to us by his loving owner Brooke Nguyendo.

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Meet Our Fabulous Flora

Fabulous “Flora” is an American Quarter Horse. Her color is Chestnut. Flora is sweet, gentle & loves her treats.  Trained as a Reining Horse but now enjoys her life here at NDR.

Flora is available for sponsorship

Meet Our Minis & Ponies

They are so much more than just a pony ride!


Meet Our Very Own Elvis!

NDR is “all shook up” because ELVIS IS IN OUR HOUSE! Elvis is a Palomino pony and is a super star for both his looks and gentle demeanor.

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Meet Napoleon

Napoleon is a flashy paint horse. Napoleon is loaned to us by his loving owner Isabell Eddy. He is great for our riders that need a more narrow and fast horse.

Napoleon is available for sponsorhip!


Meet Our Line Dancing Miniature Horse

Luke is a former show horse. He has earned the distinguished award of “Reserve Grand Champion”. He is our “parade and event” star! He loves to be around people, been known to line dance, and loves to be led around and groomed.

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Imagine being able to make a difference in the lives of our horses.

We would be happy to discuss what supporting our horses looks like. It could vary from helping with boarding costs, shoeing, veterinary services and more! Call us at (951) 734-9056 or donate now by clicking the button to the right. 

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