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We improve the lives of our participants

NDR Therapeutic Riding

Our certified instructors use the proven power of therapeutic horse-related programs with structured interaction to help children and adults with disabilities be the best they can be.

A safe environment with

Purposeful Instruction

NDR certified instructors provide a safe, positive and structured learning environment to develop trust with each participant.

Sensitive and caring

Individualized Goals

NDR certified instructors help build confidence in their participants through carefully developed lesson plans that are adapted to each participant’s unique needs.

We celebrate


Celebrating achievements, big or small, is an important part of the learning process. Success is defined by each Participant’s plan.

Are you looking for help in these areas?

Families and organizations who have individuals with a variety of different challenges and want a way to improve their loved one’s quality of life can benefit from services offered by NDR Therapeutic Riding. Below are examples of challenges participants may be experiencing.

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Physical limitations (balance, coordination, muscle strength)

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Cognitive limitations

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Communication and speech

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Social and emotional challenges

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Focus and sensory integration challenges

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Low self-esteem/confidence

These are a few of the achievements our participants look forward to.

Involvement in NDR Therapeutic Riding can lead to both physical and emotional rewards!

People with physical, mental, and psychological impairments may use equine activities as an enjoyable and relaxing experience to provide benefits in the areas of socialization, posture, mobility, and an overall improved quality of life. The horse is a strong motivator of accomplishing these goals.

Equine-assisted activities can help to increase the brain and body connection leading to improved balance and strength, improved problem solving, building trust and social connections, and improved verbal and non-verbal communication.

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Speaking first words outside of family system

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Improved focus to the point of independent riding

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Building self-esteem/confidence and becoming a volunteer

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Increasing core muscle strength leading to improved balance

It's easy to get started!

Talk to us about how Equine-Assisted Activities work to support individualized needs.

Participants will have peace of mind as they move through a well-planned experience just for them resulting in victories both big and small

Programs We Offer

NDR Therapeutic Riding provides Equine-Assisted Services for people, ages four and up, with disabilities and limitations. NDR is also an affiliated clinical site for OT/COTA interns throughout the Inland Empire.


Adaptive Riding

Adaptive therapeutic riding is an equine-assisted activity for the purpose of contributing positively to the cognitive, physical, emotional and social well-being of individuals with special needs.



Horses In the Moment

Horses In the Moment is a 9 week group equine-assisted program for people with mild dementia. The primary goal is to increase quality of life, relational skills and problem solving for participants and their caregivers.


image: picture of the interns at NDR Therapeutic Riding


NDR’s Internship program is designed to provide opportunities for OT/COTA interns to gain valuable “real time” experiences in their prospective fields of education.


Learn How NDR Helps Caleb

"My son Caleb has Spina Bifida and had difficulty with balance and as well as a hard time developing strength in his lower body. He started riding when he was 4 years old and he is almost 7 now. When he started, he was afraid of falling off the horse. After a few lessons, he became very comfortable and now he can’t wait to go to his lesson every week. He loves his horse, Holly. His balance has improved a lot since he started as well as his confidence. We are grateful to NDR and all their staff.”

Karrie Gordon and Caleb

Parent and Rider at NDR Therapeutic Riding

Helping our horses

The Heartbeat of NDR

We are committed to providing the best care possible to our Equine Partners. They are truly the heartbeat of our services! You can sponsor a horse of your choosing or you can donate to our Wishlist Fund. Your help ensures that our Equine Partners stay healthy and happy so that they can continue to assist our Participants in moving forward.

NDR Therapeutic Riding Volunteers

How you can help

Give us a helping hand now

NDR Therapeutic Riding programs are dedicated to enabling the disabled community by enhancing their physical, social, educational and emotional abilities. We cannot achieve this without a myriad of volunteers working side-by-side with our instructors, horses, participants and community partners.

Thank You Sponsors and Friends

NDR has been blessed to have a strong foundation of community support throughout the Inland Empire. Thank you all for your generosity and helping hands for supporting our mission!

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